About this Internet Space

 Photo by  Nacho Rochon

Photo by Nacho Rochon

Welcome to the nyamoram. Here I let you in on my little world of curiosities, rants, and raves.

I cannot foresee what is to come of this fragile piece of internet. It may remain as small as it began. Let this outcome not deter me from my endeavor.

Let me not become inflamed with the statistics, high or low.

And as I embark on this public discovery of myself, let me stay open to the experience.

I have spent too much time hiding behind a façade; so on this space, let me be nothing if not true.

Let me maintain consistency, working to produce pieces of substance but letting myself be okay with the haphazard meanderings. Let me hit publish weekly, even when doubt attempts to swallow me whole.

Let me run this creation as a fine machine, well-tuned but not impervious to the powers that be.

Let me abandon all that I think I know and open myself up to a world undiscovered. (My world is small, but it is ever-growing.)

There is no need to sharpen my pencils anymore. My pencils are sharp enough. Even the dull ones will make a mark. Warts and all. Let’s start this shit up.
— Ze Frank, An Invocation for Beginnings